Thursday, April 26, 2012


News comes in all shapes and forms. Starting from the printing press to today's internet, people always wanted to know what was going on in the current culture. It's too bad that some people who work for the media have a way of pushing their ideas into a certain subject or giving us useless details about a crime or a sporting event. They also seem to have a way with repeating themselves over and over again. The only time I ever wish the news is when I want to know what the weather is doing. Most of the time, I learn what is going on though Facebook, Word of Mouth, or a news website. I don't read the newspaper because the articles are long at times and are boring. If I do read the paper, I most always end up reading an article that caught my interest or the horticulture articles because I want to learn a better way with keeping plants or working in a garden. There are many other ways to get news other then the internet, TV, or newspaper. Some people like to listen to the radio and hear the news that way. I guess this is a good way to hear what is going on when you're always on the go. These are all good forms of news and it depends on the age group and where they either read or hear it from.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Inconceivable! Cow!

In Popular Cultures class today, we discuss how the movies Star Wars has change filming and we discuss how movies like Star Wars had an impact on today's movies. Movies like Harry Potter, Twister, and the Titanic are just to name a few. Even if I did not see when the movie the Princess Bride did not first came out, I saw it when I was like six or something like that and for some reason, I remember being afraid of the giant rats and some short guy always yelling Incovceivable. I probably remember the movie Twister better because it has been my favorite movie since I first saw it when my dad bought it home. I recall wearing out the tape and the VCR because we watch it so much. Ever since then, whenever it rain or storm, I always had to watch Twister and scare myself. My family and I would always laugh about how we would turn on that movie whenever it was storming and talk about how some of the movie was film in Iowa. This was one of the very few movies that I would have to say that my dad and I would enjoy together. This movie has always good memories surrounding it. One being that one of my cousins whom I use to babysit for give my husband and I, the tape in a Victoria Secret bag on our wedding day and it is funny that we still have it.  So when I'm ask what my favorite movie is, I probably would always say Twister.
The movie Twister had some enjoyable jokes in it. I always thought it was funny how the two main characters were always at each other's throats but slowly fell back in love with each other as they chase (or being chase by) a tornado. At the time, that the movie Twister come out, there was another movie called Tornado that wasn't as popular as Twister. I had seen bites and pieces of it but had not enjoy it as much as I had with the movie Twister. Tornado was a little more bloody then I care for. I do not care for bloody and horror like films. I know that a lot of people like horror films but I can not stand them because of the bloodshed or because of how the horror in the movies do not make sense to me. Why do you want to scare yourselves is probably what I'm always asking when I hear of a new horror movie coming out.

With the movie Twister, many people from my generation had become interested in how the weather and maybe even the technology use in that movie work. There are several people I know who go out in the bad weather and chase after tornados. These types of people who do this have told me that Twister was a good way to get interested in that type of work. Whenever I got together with friends and if it is a stormy looking day like today, I will always watch the movie Twister. So tonight is a good night for my all time favorite movie and time to watch the cows fly, and maybe if there is time, I'll watch Westley take on Andre the giant or go up against giant rats and shieking eels to protect Buttercup. 'As you wish.'

Monday, April 16, 2012

Reality TV

Reality TV. Other then watching bits and pieces of some random reality show, there is not much that I know about it. Once in a while, I get interested into it just because I saw the first show of the new season and am very curious about it. Many of those shows use original people instead of professional actors. Other shows only feature professional actors or musicians. Those original people who are involved in the random reality show may act out, goal oriented, or the people are push to their limits. Some reality TV take place in exotic locations or places while others take place in a large city, designing and making clothes or performing in talent reality shows like Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. Another type of reality show is the everyday life or shows that involve some kind of a dating game.
Chuck Klosterman says in his book that Americans are 'without even trying, American TV watchers have developed an amazingly, sophisticated view of postmoderism, even if they would never use the word postmodern.' Postmodernism means to view a social and cultural reality is a human conversation. It refers to an art moment and characteristics are selective use of earlier style elements that opposite social or psychological depth, blurring between pop culture and sophisticated culture.  
When it comes to reality TV, I don't know much about it since I don't watch too much of it, but when I do I do see things like at times that people who are not famous can be very dramatic and do act out at times. It is always interesting to watch when those same people are force to take on a new challenge and interesting to see what their reaction to this new challenge. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they do not.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Rap or Country

Rap or country? That was our main focus this week in Popular Cultures class where we discuss how very different those two genres of music are. After reading Chuck Klosterman's Toby Over Moby and Brent Staples' short article on How Hip-Hop Music Lost Its Way and Betrayed Its Fans, I thought about how those two genres are so different from one another. Let's start with rap music. First off, and in my point of view, I personally don't like rap music and only have heard bits and pieces of it while changing the radio station in my car. I don't understand what the rappers are trying to say in that music and I know that I don't know much about Eminem or who is who in the whole rapping music community. Much of the time when I do find that I'm listening to it, willfully or not, I find that it gives me a headache because I'm trying to catch what is being said. To me, rap music is not music at all. To me, it's just someone screaming about drugs, racing, or who is killing off who. In How Hip-Hop Music Lost Its Way and Betrayed Its Fans, Brent Staples writes that much of the rap music today is encouraging rappers to say something in their music which will provoke rappers and/or real world gangs to do drugs or take part in an all out gang war that will end in one or more deaths. Whether this is true or not, I don't know. I don't care for rap music or listen to it but know people who do and do enjoy it. I am unsure if it causes violence among rappers or anyone else so if you enjoy it, that's fine. Music is music and rap music is just that.

Now country on the other hand, I do enjoy. I can't say that I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, or Reba, but I know that I do enjoy Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, and Brad Paisley. I have been enjoy county music probably ever since my mom first turn on the car radio. It was probably the only thing we ever listen to while in the car and I later find that I got a bit tired of it whenever I was with her and wanted to listen to something else but I soon discover the use of old personal hand held CD players and had a wonderful little collection of pop CDs like the Backstreet Boys, a few Now CDs, and Britney Spears' very first CD (when she was still a levelheaded kind of girl and not the airhead that she is today). Of course, my little collection of CDs grow over the years. I enjoyed the stories that are being told in country music. Country music almost always has some kind of story, sad or happy, silly or serious, love or hate. So between rap or country music, I think I would pick country music over rap.