Monday, May 7, 2012


The Internet is probably one of the best sources of information out there for people. You can find nearly everything online. Everything from reviews on books and movies to watch your favorite show and listening to music. The Internet has everything you will need on it. Besides it being a good source of information, you can shop on it. Some people view it as a bad thing because a lot of people like to spend their time online playing games or messing around on social networks like Facebook but there are so many things online that it is both good and bad. In Popular Cultures, we watched a video done by Steven Johnson about how popular culture is affecting us. He believes that the popular culture today like those in games, things on the internet, and shows on TV are not 'dumbing us down'. What he means is that many people see popular culture has been making people more dumb. Johnson believes that this is untrue. He gives a very good point when talking about how his seven year old nephew and Johnson were playing Sim City and trying to figure out why one part of the Sim City was more run down then the other parts of the Sim City. His nephew pointed out that Johnson needed to lower money rates in that part of the city. Johnson starts to think about how popular culture is making us smarter and more knowledgeable when face with a real life problem.