Thursday, February 16, 2012


Who doesn't love Valentine's Day? Okay. Other then Chuck Klosterman and I'm not saying that he doesn't at least enjoy it at some point but who knows since this is coming from someone who has work in a floral store during one of the most craziest times to be a florist? I can't say that I agree with Klosterman but I'm not totally disagreeing with what he has to say. He had a lot of interesting things to say and everyone is entitled to their own opinion right? So the big Heart Day come and went and I enjoyed not having to work in a floral store since returning to school. I enjoyed it but sometimes I think that some people just love the drama of working in a floral store during Valentine's Day or another busy time for them, either a wedding or several are taking place or it's Mother's Day. I'm saying that I don't like Valentine's Day, I'm saying that sometimes it can get on my nerves if I'm not working in a place that I am comfortable with.
Right. So Klosterman had good points about what he was saying in his book about love and romance. He makes good points about several things like how people want love to be like that from a movie or some book. Personally, I don't think I would like having a vampire as a boyfriend, but that is my opinion and I just happen to hate anything to do with Twilight and it's getting off subject just a little. I can say that I agree with Klosterman's idea on fake love because in a way, I use to think like that until I decided that if I do find love then I was just going to let that happen and look at that, now I'm married and very glad that I let go of that little hope of mine about getting love from like that in movies or books.
To Klosterman, it seems that the media is getting a little bit carried away. It is nearly impossible to fall in love because most of the time, it is fake love. It is normal to have people measure relationship up against people in movies or in books. Looking back at that now, I think 'thank god that I don't do that anymore'. Even if the book I'm reading has something to do with vampires or werewolves (I'm always looking for a good werewolf book and sometimes vampires are in it but I don't like the Twilight characters. They seem too fake) or something like that, I'm glad that I really don't think like that anymore. 
I totally support Heart Day because it is one of the busiest times of the year for florists, places like Olive Garden, and other places for several reasons. One, I enjoy the holiday and making Valentine cookies with my mom and sister and two, spending time with my husband. And three, hearing news about who among my friends are now engage and knowing that it is not fake love but very true romance and love.

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