Friday, February 3, 2012

Technology & Sexuality

After reading Ten Seconds to Love for Popular Cultures class, we discuss the ideas on how porn, technology, and sex have an impact on our way of life. Talking about it seem a little weird and it wasn't a subject that I'm totally not comfortable with discussing. I had always figure that it what was left behind close doors should stay behind close doors.  So anyway in class, we discuss ideas on how technology has change porn. Porn started out in Ancient Greece, with them creating statues and paintings of nude people. It has been around for ages and ever since the Ancient Greeks and the printing press, it has been going on. Pornography is the depiction of erotic behavior as in pictures or writing, that is intended to cause sexual excitement. In Ancient Greek, it means to write about prostitutes. Again, not a subject that I'm not totally comfortable with. So from the printing press, porn move on to magazines, film, and to the internet. It is really hard not onto the internet and search a random idea like a recipe without having something about porn just pop up there. Very annoying at times, too. I really don't care to see anything like that when I'm looking for a recipe for a taco casserole while online.
Internet seems to play a big part with porn and so do sex tapes. Having never seen a sex tape and have plans to never will, I can't tell you a lot about them, other then coming across them written about in books that I have read and hearing them talk about here and there. In Popular Cultures, we read an article called Ten Seconds to Love. It is about what the author thinks of sex, sex tapes, and technology by discussing and comparing Pam Anderson and Marilyn Monroe. He goes into detail about how different those two women are and how similar they are like who they had married, dated, or divorce. Those two women are very different, having live different lives in Hollywood and time periods.
For some reason, I pictured Marilyn Monroe as more of a down to earth type of person and Pam Anderson more of the nose in the air type but that is only because they live in two very different time periods and since they both act in different firms or TV shows, nothing about their private lives are similar. Pam Anderson is a mom and more carefree while Marilyn Monroe had an early death, but had a great career in film. And I am sure that men from Marilyn Monroe had very creative thoughts when they saw her. The same could probably be said about Pam Anderson.
So anyway, technology has change the way sex and porn is seen. From Ancient Greece to the printing press to the internet, no matter how it is seen online, in a magazine, or in a film, it is going to be around for a long time as annoying as it can be or how much those who view it can get in trouble for it. Whatever the reason, I don't support the idea of porn and stand by what I said, what is behind close doors, should stay behind close doors. I don't need to see that online but now I have a better understanding since reading the articles about it.

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