Thursday, April 26, 2012


News comes in all shapes and forms. Starting from the printing press to today's internet, people always wanted to know what was going on in the current culture. It's too bad that some people who work for the media have a way of pushing their ideas into a certain subject or giving us useless details about a crime or a sporting event. They also seem to have a way with repeating themselves over and over again. The only time I ever wish the news is when I want to know what the weather is doing. Most of the time, I learn what is going on though Facebook, Word of Mouth, or a news website. I don't read the newspaper because the articles are long at times and are boring. If I do read the paper, I most always end up reading an article that caught my interest or the horticulture articles because I want to learn a better way with keeping plants or working in a garden. There are many other ways to get news other then the internet, TV, or newspaper. Some people like to listen to the radio and hear the news that way. I guess this is a good way to hear what is going on when you're always on the go. These are all good forms of news and it depends on the age group and where they either read or hear it from.

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  1. I agree the only time I turn on the news on the television is because I want to know what the weather is going to be. One of the reasons why I know about what is going on is because it is on Facebook. If something major is going on you know it will be on Facebook. The only reason I read the news paper is for the milestones.